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May 9, 2017
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February 25, 2020

How can you make your listing stand out? A list of features alone, no matter how impressive, won’t do the trick. It’s the storytelling that draws potential buyers, especially those in the market for houses $5-million and upward, says property agent Voula Argyropoulos of Hammond International Properties in Toronto.

“People relate to stories” and they add to the emotional experience of buying a home.

Hammond has made storytelling mandatory training, which gives a completely different meaning and strategy to marketing a home, regardless of price. Although the agents may already know the home’s history, they sit with the homeowners, who tell good tales of their own. Those memories are packed into a story that will produce interest and attraction. They could include distant or more recent “history” and fun tales, to pique a buyer’s interest.

Prospective buyers loved the history of a $5-million house that the brokerage had sold recently. Argyropoulos says concerning the narrative of the proprietor and the Disney design group that created the house’s resort-like ambiance, was a fantastic talking point. So was the proprietor’s background as a toy creator and his work with the Muppets. A number of the original puppets, including Kermit and Animal, were the topic when possible buyers toured the lower level.

Rock band Rush’s guitarist Alex Lifeson, who constructed the home, was also a subject of conversation. Although the home was remodeled with the recording studio where the band worked turning into a gym, the proprietor has some of Lifeson’s gold recordings on display so the memories of Rush are remembered

It’s a visual world, Hammond says, therefore adding points of interest is vital.

The storytelling worked – the house appealed to an international buyer. The buyer, an artist, liked hearing the story about the past artistic owners, Argyropoulos states.

When it comes to features, interesting tidbits help. For example, the 10,000-square-foot house’s elm plank flooring were not just any elm floors. The wood came from two barns dating back to the 1800s. The outside dash stucco was produced by artisans, who had been flown in from France. Five furnaces and air conditioning units claim to keep the occupants comfortable.

Storytelling can be used for any home, regardless of cost. Give potential buyers something to consider, something to remember and something to relish.

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