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May 2, 2017

Want to Have Multiple Offers & Sell for More Money? Read This.

Want to Have Multiple Offers & Sell for More Money? Read This. Yes, the condo market is hot. We all know that by now. Thanks to […]
April 24, 2017

West Coast Townhouse Comparable Market Analysis

Vancouver’s housing market is still going strong: West Coast Townhouse Comparable Market Analysis  In the midst of various news reports and buyer skepticism, the Vancouver’s housing […]
April 3, 2017

2016 Richmond Townhouse Market Overview

What Exactly Happened In The Real Estate Market In 2016? Metro Vancouver definitely went through a roller-coaster year. Just when residential sales volume and pricing hit […]
February 18, 2017

Buyers Beware – Problems of Older Homes with Radiant Heating

I just looked at a 30-year-old townhouse with clients this past week. Highly popular 2-level floorplan, corner unit, lots of natural lighting, and really decent sized […]
October 31, 2016

Underground Storage Tank

什麼是地下燃油桶 Underground Storage Tank (UST) BC省於1957年開始使用天然氣作為取暖燃料,在這之前,燃料油廣泛的被住宅使用,因此容量為1000公升以上的燃油桶十分常見。而實際上,屋齡大於30年的房屋經常保留有作廢的地下燃料桶。從生鏽的燃料桶滲出的油不但會流進排水系統,更可能滲透進屋主及鄰居的土地,進而造成花費數萬甚至數十萬的汙染。 地下燃料桶因此被歸類於重大潛伏缺陷 (Material Latent Defect) 如果您的房屋有可能保有燃料桶,作為賣家您有義務請專家進行地下探測。如確認燃料桶的存在,賣家有法律責任在房屋說明書(Property Disclosure Statement)中註明。如賣家特意隱藏此項缺陷,就算交易已完成,買家仍有很大的可能性留有法律上的告訴權!  
September 15, 2016

September Status Update

The latest market stats report is now ready from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Please click download to obtain a copy! Over the past […]

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